• How far in advance should I book your officiant service?

    We book on a “first come first serve” basis, so we recommend that you secure your time and date with us as soon as possible.

  • Is it necessary to meet with you before we get married?

    Many couples prefer to meet with the officiant prior to their wedding to discuss details and get to know each other.  Sometimes this isn’t possible especially if it is a destination wedding; however we will maintain complete communication via phone, text or email.

  • Do we need to write our own wedding vows?

    Writing your own wedding vows is entirely up to you. Most couples prefer that the officiant include the vows in the ceremony and if the couple want to say a few words to each other that can be included too.  This is YOUR day and your wishes will be fulfilled!

  • Are options, such as a sand ceremony, included in the price of the ceremony?

    Yes, we will include any addition you may want, such as a sand ceremony, rose ceremony, blessing stones, hand fasting, and more.  Together we will create the ceremony of your dreams.

  • Do we need to have witnesses for our wedding ceremony?

    In the state of Florida it is not necessary to have witnesses, however if YOU wish to have witnesses sign your marriage license, there are signature lines for them to do so.

  • Where do we apply for our marriage license in Florida?

    Every marriage license is issued by a county court judge or clerk of the circuit court under his or her hand and seal. Marriage licenses are issued by counties and you can apply for your license at any county clerk's office.

  • What Identification Do I Need to Bring to Get a Marriage License?

    1. Birth certificate (or some proof of citizenship like a passport)
    2. A photo ID (like a driver's license)
    3. Proof of divorce (if you have been previously married)
    4. If you're under 18, you need proof of consent by a parent.